2019 MGEA/ MABA Convention

2019 MGEA/ MABA Convention

It all starts with the hardworking set up crew, soon to be filled full of Agriculture’s leaders.

Convention center is starting to fill up with attendees.

It’s important to take a break and socialize.

Thanks to the FFA for all of their help with the auction.

Wulf with his farewell speech, #impeachthewulf can finally end.

Wulf getting his plague of being President for 2 years.

Hager fill in the big shoes of President, need a # for him?

2018 MABA/MGEA Convention!

The 2108 MABA/MGEA Convention was another big hit!

Hundreds of ag professionals and industry insiders gathered in Great Falls, MT January 24 – 26 for this year’s Convention and Pesticide Workshop. Here are a few pictures from the event!


One of the highlights was professional speaker Damian Mason. His speech filled the seats and had us all cracking up.




Our Thursday night banquet and auction was standing room only!



Congressman Greg Gianforte opened the banquet with a few remarks.



The day sessions were filled with people learning and earning pesticide credits.



One touching moment was when Joel Farkell presented his dad, Jeff Farkell, with the MABA Presidental Award.


Not many dry eyes in the room!



These are just some of the items auctioned or raffled off this year.



As usual we had lots of help from members of the FFA.

Sheridan Johnson, president of the Montana FFA, gave a great welcoming speech at the banquet.



Some silent auction items did better than others. There didn’t seem to be much demand for the Grizzly branded items!

If you went to school at U of M be sure to come next year and uphold your school’s honor!






Photo credits go to Johnnie Scott. Thanks for the pics, Johnnie!






Pics- The 2018 NGFA / MGEA Regional Regulatory Compliance Seminar!

Pics- The 2018 NGFA / MGEA Regional Regulatory Compliance Seminar!

The 2018 NGFA / MGEA Regional Regulatory Compliance Seminar was held on Tuesday, January 23rd, in Great Falls, MT. This one-day seminar discussed emerging and evolving regulatory issues from OSHA as well as operational, quality, and safety best practices for grain handling facilities.

The weather and government shutdown tried to stop the fun, but thanks to Jess McCluer, the NGFA Vice-President of Safety and Regulatory Affairs, and Jerome Nagengast, the Terminal Trainmaster with BNSF Railway, we powered through the day, learning and having fun the whole time!


Jess McClure educated the group on new OSHA regulations and the Food Safety and Modernization Act.



Jess also covered walking and working surface regulations, grain handling data, and how to work with employees and safety.

He was a great sport and a tremendous speaker. Many thanks to Jess!



Jerome Nagengast, a trainmaster with BNSF, talked about rail safety.




Jerome brought years of real-world experience to the discussion, and talked about fall protection, administrative procedures, and many techniques to use rail equipment safely and efficiently.

He answered many questions with wisdom and experience, and was a very interesting speaker.




And, of course, the breaks and lunch times were perfect opportunities to meet old friends or make new ones.


We hope to see you next time!